Would you like to hold a fundraising event??

The only way the PFC can continue to achieve its missions is to fundraise.  A great way to contribute to the PFC and to “really contribute” is to do a bit of fundraising for us.  It can be anything from having a mufti day at work, a morning tea with some girlfriends, a sausage sizzle, etc.  No matter how little – every bit helps!  There are many community based walkathons, fun runs, triathlons which gives you the opportunity to choose a charity to support through sponsorship on “everyday hero” and that’s also a great way to fundraise while setting yourself a personal goal to achieve as well.

By registering using the fundraising event form the Charity can help support your event by providing merchandise for sale and some signage if necessary.  You will need to allow at least 10 working days prior to your event to respond to your request.

Fundraising Registration

The Pink Finss Charity (PFC) is a registered not for profit organisation and relies purely on community support to raise funds each year.  Funds raised are used to help, educate and support women and their families going through breast cancer.

Fundraising Guidelines

To help maintain the integrity of the PFC and to provide you with the most successful outcome for your fundraising event, all fundraisers must:

  • Submit fundraising registration form to the PFC
  • See approval from the PFC for the use of PFC logo in any promotional or marketing material in the lead up to your fundraising event;
  • Remit fundraising funds within 4 weeks of event completion, together with Fundraising Remittance Statement, for receipt purposes.

Once you have submitted your event registration form please allow up to 10 business days for approval from the PFC for the go ahead with your fundraising event.  Unless you have written authority from the PFC to fundraise on behalf of the PFC you are not authorised to promote the PFC as the beneficiary of your fundraising efforts.  We apologise if this seems harsh but we cannot allow persons to fundraise on behalf of the PFC unless we know what sort of event is being held to ensure that it fits with the missions of the Charity.  Each event helps promote awareness of the Charity and it is imperative to us that that Charity is promoted in the best possible light to maintain the integrity.

Any marketing and promotional materials that include reference to the PFC and/or its logo (eg invitations, flyers, website copy) must be forwarded to the Charity for approval before going to print.

The Charity is not liable for expenses related to your event and you must ensure any expenses are covered by money raised in addition to raising funds for the PFC.

All applications for fundraising are gratefully accepted….. however we do reserve the right to decline approval for any fundraising event should we feel the event organisers deem to be raising money for direct commercial gain or profiteering.