There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings surrounding breast cancer. While two in three cases of breast cancer do occur in women aged between 40 and 69 years, Jodie was only 33 when she was diagnosed and we know of other much younger women.

Breast cancer awareness is important and early detection can improve the survival rate. This is why we hold a variety of events throughout the year not only to raise money but to raise awareness and ensure women understand the facts about breast cancer.

The Pink Finss Charity has also developed a High School Program aimed at educating young women and encouraging them to develop relationships with health care professionals. The program is informal, fun and engaging, while shedding light on a sensitive subject.  Currently being run at one local High School, we hope to have more involved this year.

Congratulations to Hawkesbury High School, winners of the NAB Schools First Program

It Won’t Happen to Me!

NAB Schools FirstThe aim of the four year partnership between Hawkesbury High School, JobQuest and Pink Finss is to develop a sense of community responsibility and purpose in young people by engaging in volunteering and community activities.

JobQuest assists young people to develop skills, connect with each other, engage with the community and build strong networks. The school, JobQuest and Pink Finss hold regular meetings to share ideas and expertise. The volunteers from Pink Finss, which is a charity set up to raise awareness of breast cancer, work with the students on marketing, advertising, graphic design and public relations.

The staff from JobQuest, volunteers, students and teachers make up a team that collaborate on classroom activities and major events. Behaviour, attendance and motivation is improved as students are much more engaged in the tasks provided by this partnership.

As students work towards their goals of connecting with the community and supporting a worthwhile charity, they are developing life and work skills.

What the judges said:

There are strong links between the three partners to engage students in authentic community projects with a strong charitable purpose. There is evidence of youth engagement and increased retention.