Do You Need Help?

Do You Need Help?

Do you need help or do you know someone in the Hawkesbury area suffering from breast cancer who needs help? Please let us know.

Our missions are to create a supportive environment for women suffering
from breast cancer, raise awareness of the disease and to raise money that will be spent primarily on local Hawkesbury women suffering from breast cancer and their families.

Whether you need financial, emotional or practical support, we want to help. We can provide limited but much needed funds to as many women as we can who meet the criteria.

If you or someone you know; has been diagnosed with breast cancer recently, is now or about to go through treatment and needs assistance, download our Application for Assistance Form. Once completed please post to:

Pink Finss Charity
PO Box 7224
Wilberforce NSW 2756

or email

We will then ring to get the details we need and meet if appropriate. It is important that you have a letter from you doctor outlining your current situation. The committee will then go through your request and notify you of the outcome. We will try to do this as quickly as possible.

All requests and information received will be confidential.

Pink Finss Assistance Application Form